ISH/IHC automaton for Bio Labs

Flogentec, is a biotechnology company based in Valence, France, specialized in designing high throughput biology equipments.The products Flo 400 laboratory equipment for ISH / IHC wholemount automation.
We offer you a laboratory automaton for in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistery and FISH automation. This ISH/IHC automaton is furnished with our products.

We propose you to discover our products :

Our Laboratory equipment automatons were developed, tested and produced into our company after many years of R&D. These high throughput biology devices were developed to speed scientists works with fast, reproducible and high quality results. This laboratory equipment automaton is easy to use and associated to a control software.

This Lab equipment performed all the steps of a classical ISH/IHC protocol:

  • Permeation with proteinase K

    Hybridation in situ sur embryons de poulet in toto sur échantillons wholemount via l'uatomate d'ISH/IHC Flo 400

    ISH on Chick embroyo. results given by Team Castellani INMG

  • Postfixation
  • Prehybridization
  • Hybridization with individual RNA probes or antibodies
  • Post hybridization washes
  • Blocking and revelation
  • All washing steps

The innovative technology:

Our biology lab automatons work with an innovative technology. The constant flow and the cycling of reagents are innovative process made possible by the original and designed Flowcells and adjusted protocols. All of this bring competitive vantages and is international patent protected. This technology inhibits samples deterioration because they are never manipulate during the complete protocole execution. This constant flow of reagent allows also a better probe’s hybridization to the targeted RNA and a background noise diminution. Moreover, the created flow of reagent highly decrease non-specific bindings into the sample but also a reduce the quantity of probes needed for the sample testing.

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