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Flogentec, a company based in Valence, specialising in the design of high throughput biological controllers.

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Flogentec is a biotechnology company based in Valence, France, specializing in the design of high throughput biological automatons. Our products enable the automation of in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, and fluorescence in situ hybridization protocols (ISH/IHC and FISH) in record time and on whole mount and slide samples. The various products offered are used for laboratory research.
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Our biology automatons FLO400

The Flo400 is a safe, fast and easy-to-use research device that allows 3D samples to be analyzed using the in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry methods. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to directly visualize the location and activation of genes of the cells concerned. The means used for this localization is in situ hybridization (HIS) of RNA probes (transcriptome analysis). It should be noted that the automaton also allows proteome analysis by immunohistochemistry, using antibodies instead of RNA probes.

Flo400 W

Flo400 Wholemount PLC Wholemount: This ISH/IHC PLC for in toto samples is specialized for biological research.

Flo400 S

Flo400 Slide PLC: This ISH/IHC PLC for slide samples is designed for biological research and diagnosis.

Flo400 C

Flo400 Combo PLC: This ISH/IHC PLC for all types of samples is specialized for biological research.

Flo400 - Notre gamme d'automates de recherche biologique
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Management software

A step-by-step programming of events is ensured by a software using many different protocols, recorded and modifiable according to the targeted applications.

Predefined protocol templates can be created by adapting existing manual protocols. You can easily program simple or complex experiments.

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Logiciel de laboratoire de biologie
Maintenance Flogentec
Research and


Our high throughput biology research automaton has been developed, tested and produced in our company after many years of research and development. These laboratory automatons have been developed to accelerate the work of researchers while providing reproducible and high quality results. These high throughput biology equipment are easy to use and are combined with management software that allows the PLC to operate.

This PLC laboratory performs all the steps of the ISH / IHC

  • Proteinase K permeability.
  • Post-permeabilization fixation.
  • Pre-hybridization.
  • Hybridization with RNA probes or antibodies.
  • Post-hybrid washing.
  • Blocking and revelation by secondary antibody.
  • All washing steps.

Innovative Technology

Our biology research automaton are based on an innovative technology of constant flow analysis and recycling of reagents in a closed circuit. This technology is made possible thanks to the original flowcells served by the PLC and adapted protocols. The combination provides many competitive advantages and is protected by an international patent. This technology prevents the deterioration of the samples by the fact that they are never manipulated during the execution of the protocol. This continuous flow of reagent also allows the probes to achieve better specific hybridization at the targeted RNAs while reducing background noise. Indeed, the flow of reagent created makes it possible to greatly reduce non-specific bonds within the sample but also to reduce the quantity of probes required for sample analysis.