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Flogentec has become a leading company in the development, manufacture, and distribution of automation devices for complex protocols in biochemistry, molecular biology and research.

Who are we?

Biotechnology company based in Valence, France. This company was founded in 2008, following a meeting between an industrialist and a biologist researcher at the CNRS in Grenoble.


Our automates

We are specialized in the design of high throughput cell biology automatons dedicated to 3D in situ detection. Our automaton are safe, fast and easy to use.

Fields of


Our laboratory biology automaton can be used in different fields of biology: development biology, plant biology, dermo-cosmetics, oncology, neurology, toxicology…

Our range of


The laboratory biology automaton Flo400 is a safe, fast and easy-to-use research device that allows 3D samples to be analyzed using the in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry methods. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to directly visualize the location and activation of genes of the cells concerned. The means used for this localization is in situ hybridization (HIS) of RNA probes (transcriptome analysis). It should be noted that the automaton also allows proteome analysis by immunohistochemistry, using antibodies instead of RNA probes.

Flo400 W

Flo400 Wholemount PLC Wholemount: This ISH/IHC PLC for in toto samples is specialized for biological research.

Flo400 S

Flo400 Slide PLC: This ISH/IHC PLC for slide samples is designed for biological research and diagnosis.

Flo400 C

Flo400 Combo PLC: This ISH/IHC PLC for all types of samples is specialized for biological research.

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Fields of

Development biology, plant biology, dermo-cosmetics, oncology, oncology, oncology, toxicology…

This device is used for the study of whole or partial samples by in situ hybridization and immunodetection methods.

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In brief

FLO-400 Information

FLO-400 is an essential laboratory device for 3D in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry. It reduces the analysis time to 22 hours compared to 96 hours with a traditional tool.


4 different probes can be used simultaneously (1 per Flow Cell). Baskets can be placed in order to multiply the number of embryos to be analysed.


Recycling process: antibodies and RNA probes are recycled and can be much more diluted or reused for other experiments.


Constant flow of reagent: 3D biological samples are constantly subjected to a solvent flow that ensures good conditions in the experiment.


Easy-to-use laboratory software: an efficient and ergonomic software. This software allows you to program the analysis process and see the results.