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Research in biology is more and more complex following the years. Every new discovery open new questions more complex as each other. These questions are then study by different research labs to best understand these mechanisms.

Despite this growing-up number of questions, more and more labs must be careful of funding accords to an experiment, a research topic or equipment. The work in a research laboratory could be resume to a goal of precise, economic and fast result. With the objective of helping researcher to speed-up their experiment, the biotech company Flogentec developed Flo400. With this research laboratory automaton, biologists can focus on the analyze of obtained results. This multifunctional automate speeds-up, in the best times, immunofluorescence, In situ hybridization, and FISH onto wholemount and Slide samples. This Laboratory automaton is also design for optical clearing protocols such as 3DISCO, SeeDB and ClearT.

Flo400 helps you to ease your experiments: your protocols are totally automated. The only manual steps are the loading of samples into Flowcells, the loading of reagents  into tankers and the programming of the protocol onto the automaton. When these 3 steps are parameterized, the automaton will load the protocol and will execute it in record times. You will just need to pick up your samples at the end of the protocol and analyze results.

The automating of these protocols helps you to get more precise and reproducible results but also to reduce your manipulation time to 1 hour. Once the protocol is running on the automation, you have 22 free hours to do other experiment or work. Moreover, the probes and antibodies recycling system allowing in the automaton is designed to re-use all these reagents into other experiment, which is decreasing the cost of your experiment.

Fast, efficient and multi experiment, Flo400 is an innovative and easy to use lab experiment automation. Your ISH/ IF/ FISH and IHC protocols becomes reagent, time and cost profitable. The aim of Flogentec is to speed up scientific research and bring up Flo400 more accessible to research laboratories with proposing an automation at unbeatable price.

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