Immunohistochemistry (IHC) everywhere

The biotechnology company Flogentec, is specialized in developing high throughput biology automaton. The company developed the Flo 400, an automaton designed to perform immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization onto in toto samples. These IHC will be practiced in record times and will also allow using fluorescent probes and getting reproducible results. All these results will be easily exploitable thanks to the background noise diminution. This decrease is linked to a low probes concentration and also to the constant flow of reagent and the probes recycling process.

Immunohistochemistry IHC is used since Antibodies utilization for biology protocols. Even if this technique is old, it is nowadays use into diagnostics and research labs because of its precision and its effectiveness. Indeed, this technique is based on the capacity of antibodies to binding strongly and specifically to antigens.

The wholemount IHC technique is particularly uses in anatomic and pathologic researches to helping disease diagnostic. So that, this technique helps to detect retinal, optical nerve, orbital or conjunctiva cancer, and also diagnose viral or bacterial diseases.

Moreover, this technique is frequently uses in histology to identify cell conditions into tissues, but it is also uses in cosmetic to test chemical products onto reconstituted epidermis.

At last, this technique is always used into scientific papers to detect the location of specific proteins into cells. Used on a wholemount sample, this technique permits to identify the localization of cells with specific marker such as tumor cells or define cell marker into samples.

The advance of biological techniques and the use of several markers allow increasing technical performance of the protocol. Indeed, the use of signal amplifier such as Tyraminine or polymers lets a more precise localization and a best dilution of probes.

The biotech company Flogentec, follows innovation and research news to purpose to its costumers lab robots using a maximum type of reagents and also more and more speed and precise results.

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