Flogentec in histopathology

The biotech company Flogentec started its first own product Flo 400. This automaton is designed for lab research and is specialized for doing in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry and fluorescent in situ hybridization techniques onto wholmount samples. Even if these techniques are frequently used in developmental biology research, they are also used in medicine mainly in histopathology.

These 2 disciplines consist in specifically studied slides or pieces of tissues via ISH/IHC and FISH. The aim of the process is to studied living organism’s structure and also understands models of tissue renewal or anomalies presents into the sample. These two domains permit the rise of specific diagnostic techniques into tissue samples such as cancer cell detection or virus and parasites presence. To obtain these results, scientists frequently use immunohistochemistry protocols and derivatives such as chromogenic IHC or Immunofluorescence. These techniques help to identify lesions, or virus presence via detection of specific proteins and also by tissue marking thanks to fluorescent probes or thanks to an enzyme or a colored compound.

Flogentec - Histologie

More and more diagnostics or necropsy use these biological protocols to diagnostic or define the causes of illness or patient deaths. However, these techniques of histopathology are really time consuming for obtain results. That is why Flogentec, offers its new lab device automaton. This new high throughput automaton robotized IHC and ISH in record times and gives reproducible samples. Flogentec is still researching biological innovation to offer to its clients automatons answering to new demands in biology and medicine.

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