The new era of developmental biology

Flogentec is a biotech company leader in manufacturing and automating biology lab protocols. We offer Flo 400, our first own product, automating immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and FISH onto wholemount samples. These biology techniques are frequently used in many research fields especially for developmental biology.


At the peak during 1980/90 developmental biology helps to discovering important and preserved signaling pathways during embryos development. This is particularly true in mammals such as the BMP or Dpp pathways. However, this branch of biology underwent a diminution of publication during the last years to left room to biomolecular or genetic researches. These last one allowed discovery of induced pluripotent cells (iPS). These iPS could differentiate themselves when they are cultivated into specific medium to obtain epitheliums, specific neuronal structures, organs or embryoïd bodies. These structures mimic gastrulation moments. These new process allows to prevent ethical controversies linked to embryos studies. Moreover, this process could allow bypassing the animal model and helping researches onto human cells. This will help to understand specific cell cell interactions.

Via these new advances, developmental biology knows a new boom and Flogentec stays present to develop lab technologies answering to these new demands. The biology company still innovates in manufacturing biology automaton and still answers to a demand more and more precise.

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